As you’ve probably noticed, I talk a lot about Kristilyn. You’re probably wondering by now – who the eff is this awesome person I’ve been spending so much time talking about? Well, today, all (okay, some of) your questions will be answered! I’ve asked Kristilyn to come visit and answer a few questions about herself!

Describe your blog in one sentence or less.

A mish mash of ALL THE THINGS I like to do in my spare time, from the TV
shows or movies I get obsessed with, to the music I love to listen to or
make, and to all the randomness I like to create, be it writing, crafting,
cooking, or anything that suits my fancy.

What is your favorite type of post/crafting and why?

Personally, I like the cooking posts, mainly because when I can post about
something, it means that it turned out awesome! I experiment a lot in the
kitchen, so when something turns out amazing, it’s reason to celebrate. But
really, my most favourite thing to do is create SONGS! In the winter it’s a
tough thing since my recording equipment doesn’t like the furnace, or the
dryness in the house, but in the spring and summer I could make music all
day long. And, of course, I love writing about my favourite TV shows, mainly
because I haven’t done it before and because I get obsessed with so many of

Your blog is mostly about what you do in your free time – what do you do
for work?

Well, I’m a relief worker at my local library. I adore books and reading, so
it just made sense to work there. My schedule is all over the place, but I
absolutely love it when I get to go to work! I can talk to people about
books, see what books go out a lot, and get to pet all the new pretty books
when they come in — without spending a penny! I also volunteer at a school
library, which means I get to put away books, prep books for the shelves,
and many other odd jobs. I LOVE IT. It’s great to hear young kids so excited
about reading!

Your house is on fire – what are the 5 things (assuming all people/pets
got out) you’d save?

Thank you for assuming all people and pets get out — that would take up all
of my spots!

Let’s see, if my house was on fire (which is something my husband and I
actually had to face a few years ago, when there were fires in the area), I
would save:

1. My piano. (Because that beast will DEFINITELY fit in the car.)
2. Penpal letters and birthday cards (Sentimental things.)
3. My books. (Can I take them all?)
4. My computer. (Because it has ALL THE IMPORTANT THINGS on it, plus photos
and whatnot.)
5. My signed stuff. (Signed CDs, books, and other swag.)

This is a HARD question. I would be in a serious panic if I had to go
through this again!

What are you obsessed with right now? What is your ALL TIME favorite

Well, right now I’m obsessed with this little show — I’m sure no one has
heard of it! — called Doctor Who. It has completely taken over my life and
I’m quite happy to call myself a Whovian.

I’m also very obsessed with crocheting, something I tried to do a year ago,
but finally picked up this year.

A few of my other obsessions include:

1. Gilmore Girls
2. Hawksley Workman
3. Honeycrisp Apples
4. Contemporary YA books
5. David Tennant
6. YouTube
7. Glenn Gould
8. Dead Like Me

I don’t think I could pick ONE ULTIMATE OBSESSSION, because my life really
revolves around all of these things I love so much. I’m also a bit of a mood
obsessor, so I could go an entire month OBSESSED with my piano, only to
ignore it the next month and dive into a new TV show.

Thank you for having me, Anne!

And thank you to you, Kristilyn for joining us!