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Doctor Who

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Obsession: Doctor Who

Current Position: All caught up!

How it started: Somewhere around summer 2009, I got the 2005 season 1 out of the library, because I’d heard good things, and I was heading to England for study abroad in the fall. In the space of 2 weeks, I’d watched the entire show through what was released so far, and have stayed caught up ever since.

Why now?: For the entire month of March, I will be devoting the majority of my media related posts to Doctor Who in celebration of the return of season 7 on the 31st, and the 50th anniversary celebration coming up soon.

Favorite Things:

Too many to mention them all! I love everything about the show! I love that:

  1. They change it up every few years and sort of regenerate the show itself.
  2. Doctor is quirky and funny and a little bit sad.
  3. The answer is hardly ever easy.
  4. I never know where they’re going, and am rarely right in my predictions.
  5. Characters die, and furthermore, they STAY DEAD (a near impossibility on American television)

And so many more things. So join us this month as we celebrate the wonderful-ness that is Doctor Who. You never know what will come up!

If anyone would like to contribute this month, there are still a few posting days open – please email me and let me know!