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Doctor Who

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Obsession: “Girl In the Fireplace”

From: Doctor Who, season 2

Why now?: For the entire month of March, I will be devoting the majority of my media related posts to Doctor Who in celebration of the return of season 7 on the 31st, and the 50th anniversary celebration coming up soon.

Favorite Things:

While I certainly loved all the episodes that came before Girl in the Fireplace, this is where I first started obsessing.The premise has the Doctor discovering a fireplace on board a spaceship that leads to Madame de Pompadour’s rooms in the 18th century. This is such a mystery that of course he can’t rest until he has solved it.

I think this is the one that made me realize just how sad time traveling could be. The connection between the spaceship and the 18th century isn’t quite right, and time runs funny on either side. I won’t give away the ending, but when one person is living several years for every five minutes the other lives you just KNOW it’s got to end badly. Most people say this is the episode that really cemented David Tennant as the Doctor, but for me, this is the episode that finally made me obsess over the series. Plus, I think this is my favorite single episode story arc, though “Blink” gives it a run for its money.

While I wouldn’t suggest starting Doctor Who with this episode, I would definitely suggest hanging on until you get there, if for some reason you can’t seem to get into it at first.

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