Dear Elyen,
That sounds so formal, doesn’t it? It’s not like we’re writing letters or anything after all. This is a blog, and anybody can see it (although I’m pretty sure it’s just us right now). How does one start a blog post that’s supposed to be addressed to your best friend who moved all the way across the continent?
Sorry. I’ll try again.

Hey Elyen,
It feels like months since you went away, when in fact it has only been a few days. I get that you wanted to get away and start a new chapter and all, but when I imagined graduating college, I always thought it would be both of us, together. We’d sit together even though we were out of order, and we’d laugh at everyone’s outfits to keep from going to sleep during the speech. Remind me again, why did you decide to transfer to the boonies of Alaska halfway through your degree?! Everything was perfectly fine right here in Philadelphia.
It’s seriously strange not having someone with me through all my classes. I didn’t realize until you left how few people I actually know. We spent so much time together that I don’t know what to do with myself anymore. My mother suggested I join some sort of extra-curricular when she called the other day (“just to check in” but we both know she’s terrified you moving will somehow break me or something), but I really don’t think that’s me. Besides, it’s either chess club or cheerleading, or worse, a sorority (YUCK!) and can you honestly see me doing any of that? I certainly can’t.
Anyway, not much has happened since you left. Classes have barely started, and I sat through more “let’s go over the syllabus so you can’t blame me when you miss an assignment” seminars than I care to count. I Skyped with my cousin Alyssa yesterday – thank goodness for Skype or we’d never be able to have a proper conversation in sign. I’m still amazed at the people (like my own little brother!) who refuse to learn sign and therefore can’t communicate with her. It would drive me nuts to have to deal with a translator! Anyway, she’s settling in to college, figuring out her classes and such. Hard to believe that was us, just two years ago. Apparently her ASL translator is another student who happened to be taking most of the same classes (and is being paid to attend the rest with her) and he’s “very hot.” She’ll have him wrapped around her pinky by the end of the week!
Oh! And one final piece of juicy gossip. Remember Tia and Michael, the infamous on-again-off-again couple? Well, apparently they’ve split up for good now. Tia showed up with some incredibly ripped lifeguard escorting her to classes all day. You should have seen Michael’s face! He was clearly thinking murderous thoughts ALL. DAY.
I guess that’s about it. Don’t forget I want to know all about your adventures at the University of the Hinterlands!
I miss you!

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