Image from the Adagio Teas website

Recently someone I follow on Twitter introduced me to the wonders of Fandom blended teas from Adagio Teas. While I’ve heard of the company, I had no idea there was anything like this available. There are SO MANY that I want, who cares what they taste like?! Some of the ones that made my wishlist (both for fandom-ness AND taste) are TARDIS tea, Amy Pond, and Donna Noble. I also like the look of several of the Harry Potter ones – Pumpkin Juice for example! [You can find a full listing of fandom teas here.]

River Song's Journal

Image from Think Geek

Some people want their own sonic screwdrivers, or maybe a bowtie or fedora, but my dearest Doctor Who wishlist item is a River Song journal. As much as I hate her as a character I love, love, love notebooks, and the idea of having one that looks like a leather TARDIS seems awesome! I know you can also find lots of these on Etsy so if you don’t like this one, or it doesn’t look authentic enough to you, you can look there.

What’s on your wishlist?