This is the boring part: the waiting. Currently I’m sitting in a Panera in a city about 4 hours away from home, waiting for my dad to show up with the car (cause he refuses to get with this century and buy a cell phone. I know.) But hey! I have internet and can write up a post!

This week’s adventure:

Actually this week there were two. Adventure number 1:

Last Friday I got a phone call from the university that my application was “highly qualified” for the degree that I’d asked for, so they wanted to know if I would like to move up – instead of doing an MA in Musicology, I’d skip directly to getting a PhD, almost fully funded for the entire time I was there. Oh and if I could manage it, they wanted a decision in THREE DAYS! *cue immediate freak out*

After several phone calls and discussions, I made it pretty clear that I hadn’t even thought about a PhD program yet, and there was no way to make a decision involving at least 2 extra years of my life in three days. They agreed to let me think about it some more, and I’ve spent the entire week trying to get into contact with those who would be able to give me more information, both on what this would mean in the short term and what it would do for my career in the long term.  I was able to meet with two separate people this weekend while I was there apartment hunting and ask lots of questions about what the program would be like etc. The main factor for me is the research – apparently the MA I was looking at has little to no research involved and continuing my research is very important to me. So, as long as we figure out a way that I can take the PhD and still do the MLS, I think I’m going to do it. EEP!

Adventure number 2 was finding housing. I had to wear big girl pants all week, calling all these apartment places and asking for showings, and it was scary. I almost wish I’d had the opportunity to apartment shop while I was doing my undergrad – I imagine it’s a little easier to apartment hunt when you’ve lived in the town where you’re looking and I would have appreciated a little experience in it before jumping in both feet first. But, after 10 showings, ranging from so teeny you could stand in the middle and touch both sides to incredibly spacious, from absolute dump on the wrong side of town to so hoity toity I couldn’t afford it, we found “the perfect” place! It’s walking distance to groceries, school and several other things, and even though it’s in the middle of a shopping area I got a unit on the back that looks out on some trees and is back off the road. I also have an upper neighbor who’ll be bringing a grand piano so I’ll be near some students in the same college at least.

Every step I get closer makes it seem more real, and yet I still can’t quite believe I’m finally getting to move out permanently. There’s so much to do!