It’s been a while since I’ve shared a craft with you guys – probably because I started a bunch of things that are going to take me a while to finish! But, earlier this week I took a little time to make something small.

You know how the washer always eats a couple of socks and then spits them back out a few weeks later? (Maybe it doesn’t in your house, but in mine, we have a fully established sock monster living in the utility room!) Recently I was going through my clothes and sorting out things I was done with, and I realized that I hadn’t been using more than HALF my socks because I was in the habit of throwing singletons into the drawer, assuming I’d go through later and pair them up once the second one showed up (bad assumption.. I’m lazy!). So, for a while I tried leaving them out on my dressing table, but that just cluttered up an already cluttered space. Finally it hit me – I have all this yarn, and I know how to crochet bags now! DUH!

In this case, I used a fairly thin yarn with a G-hook. I made the pattern up as I went along, basing it loosely on a “farmer’s market bag” pattern from a book I got from the library. Then, instead of handles, I made a slot on one side (chain 8 and skip 8 stitches, then single over the chain on the way back) and a tab on the opposite side. I crocheted the other direction for the tab, to make it easier to put in a vertical buttonhole at the end. I sewed on a button I liked and voila! The perfect little bag to hang on the handle of my dresser and hold all those singleton socks (and to remind me to get them out every time I put away clean clothes!)