For life's little obsessions

Some of the semi-regular features you may see around here are as follows:

Anne's Weekly Obsession

Every Friday, I will choose something to obsess over. It can be anything – a craft I’m working on, a new food I can’t get enough of, or (most likely) a film or TV show.

Messy Essay:

As a potential music history major, I’m going to need to write papers, and since I’m 2 years out of school, I’m kind of out of practice! Messy Essay’s are a way for me to get my hand back in. They will often deal with musical topics, though sometimes I may choose to focus on narrative topics, or something else. Kristilyn has kindly put together a rating system so you know ahead of time how much  you’ll need to know. These ratings are, of course, only suggestions, and I will likely be featuring posts more on the A Capella end than on the Concerto end.

  • A Capella: Little to no musical knowledge necessary (or non-musical topic).

Level 1

  • Arietta: Minimal musical knowledge needed.

Level 2

  • Capriccio: Moderate musical knowledge required.

Level 3

  • Battaglia: Advanced musical knowledge suggested.

Level 4

  • Concerto: Expert musical knowledge highly recommended.

Level 5


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